The Unico Solar process

Accessing the benefits of solar energy should be easy, straight-forward, and rewarding. That’s why our integrated development and operating platform provides a streamlined process for bringing solar to your rooftop, parking area, or land while delivering the highest levels of service every step of the way.


Property Assessment


Start your journey to clean energy by having our solar professionals conduct a property assessment to inform optimal system sizing, layout, and design. This includes a detailed analysis of your property’s current and future energy consumption, utility rates, local regulations, and solar production modeling. From this assessment, we provide a proposal that includes recommended system design, specifications, rent, and savings potential.




Upon your approval of our proposal, we’ll introduce our innovative solar lease and power purchase agreement (PPA). These agreements were laboriously tailored with property owners and users like you in mind. Based on our own frustrating experience trying to bring solar to our properties, we designed a solar lease and PPA that overcome barriers, are financeable, and make it easier for you to access the benefits of solar energy sooner.




Working with Unico Solar offers you the unique benefit of having a fully-funded project developer. Our projects are capitalized with equity, debt and tax equity, giving you confidence that we will perform today and avoiding pitfalls that all-too-often occur with gaps in funding. Learn more about our partnership with Excelsior Energy Capital here.




Drawing on decades of experience developing real estate, our development and construction team brings the skill and precision needed to integrate solar energy seamlessly into the built environment. With an emphasis on quality and equity, our systems are built exclusively with Tier-1 investment-grade equipment that have long-term warranties and sourced only from manufacturers with fair labor and human rights practices.


Asset Management


Once construction is complete, we provide full-service asset management, including monitoring, operations and maintenance, accounting, reporting and warranty administration, allowing us to provide a hands-on approach to system performance. We also partner with one of the world’s leading operations, maintenance and monitoring companies, which provides a performance guarantee to ensure maximum system output.

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